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2017-18 Action Plan:

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Teacher's NameGolub, Nikki
Course(s) TaughtDigital Media Program
Period Taught1-5
Golub, Nikki
Game and Sim Animation

Carr, Dan
Digital Video Production

Diamond, Libby
Game and Sim Foundations
1, 2

Kerwood, M (Weatherford)
Game and Sim Design
1, 7

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Standard 1: Integrated Curriculum / Projects
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Curriculum In Action:

Curriculum In Action:

Standard 2: Cohort Schedule

Standard 3: Program of Study / 4 Yr Plan

Standard 4: Advisory Committee

Standard 5: Enrollment

Standard 6: Professional Collaboration

Standard 7: Recruitment

Standard 8: Career Focus / Workbased Learning

Standard 9: Marketing

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